Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 32: How OId Are You?

Chapter 32: How OId Are You?

"Uchiha Fuu, clean your mouth!" Hyuga Tokugawa said angrily.

Although he had had a conflict with Haru before and was extremely unconvinced, after being easily defeated last time, he had put away his pride.

Since he had acknowledged the other party as his boss, he would be his boss for the rest of his life!

Now that someone dared to disrespect his boss, they were humiliating him!

Inuzuka Kou and the others also looked indignant. Although they had yet to establish a complete set of three views, they still knew how to be loyal and protect their own people.

"Idiot, who do you think you are? The clan leader of Hyuga's clan?" The other side spat back without showing any weakness.

The atmosphere between the two sides immediately became tense!

At this time, Haru and Tsunade who were ridiculed by the crowd did not even say a word, and the two sides were already about to fight.

No wonder it turned into this situation.

However, although Hyuga Tokugawa and the others were a little stunned, they were also a little cute

Even though the matter was caused by them, they were able to protect him at the first possible moment. Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

This also caused Haru to have a trace of recognition towards them from the bottom of his heart. These fellows were actually not bad in nature. They were only spoiled to the point that they had some bad habits and that damnable energy that they had nowhere to vent!

"I'm sorry, I'll interrupt you for a moment..."

Haru's sudden words broke the anger between them, and they all turned to look at him.

"This has nothing to do with you. Children should go home and drink milk, lest they accidentally hurt you in a fight." Uchiha Fuu said sarcastically, looking at his expression, he did not put Haru and Tsunade in his eyes at all.

After all, Haru and Tsunade were two years younger than him, and the boy was slow to develop, so they looked a head shorter.

Right now, Uchiha Fuu only wanted to have a good fight with these enemies, he did not want to cause trouble.

Moreover, he did not have any desire to make a move against this kind of little bean, so he was sincerely afraid of hurting Haru and Tsunade.

He just used his 'tone' to say it...

It should be said that the people of this family were born with different levels of sarcasm.

Haru chuckled, "Yes, we are all children. You are right. May I ask, how old are you this year?"

Uchiha Fuu frowned slightly. He could already tell that the other party was secretly mocking him. However, before he could speak, a pig teammate behind him had a proud face and said with his nose facing the sky,

"Our Brother Fu is already five years old this year!"

Uchiha Fuu: "...."

Senju Haru: "..."

Haru said with a face full of 'sincerity', "Amazing, amazing! My apologies, my apologies! So you are the big brother who is 5 years old!"

"It's good that you know how amazing you are. Hurry up and..."

"Shut up!"

Uchiha Fuu's face turned black, and he immediately turned around and shouted at the pig teammate who was still smug.

"Boy, don't talk nonsense here. Which family are you from?" Uchiha Fuu decisively skipped this topic and stopped talking about children.

Haru still asked with an innocent face, "What? Do you have to introduce yourself first in a fight? When did you become so well-behaved?"

He was scolded again...

Uchiha Fuu took a deep breath. "Alright, then I won't ask. It's enough to know that you are all together. Come on!"

"Wait a minute."

Uchiha Fuu, who had just set up his formation and was ready to attack, finally could not help but explode this time, "What are you doing again! Are you still going to fight or not!"

He heard Haru lazily say, "Of course, we have to fight, but what benefits are there if we win? What punishment is there if we lose? Shouldn't we say it in advance?"

As soon as these words came out, everyone on both sides was stunned.

They had always fought for the sake of fighting. To put it nicely, it was called fighting for the honor of the family. To put it bluntly, it was a battle of the face.

So they did not think too much about it and only fought first!

Uchiha Fuu, who didn't want to show his fear, suddenly had an idea and said, "What do you want to do? Decide!"

Haru smiled slightly. Only children would fight for right and wrong. For the sake of losing face, adults always talked about benefits!

Now was such a good opportunity. If he didn't cheat the other party, he really couldn't forgive himself.

"It's very simple. First of all, we have seven people on our side, and you only have five. For the sake of fairness, and to prevent others from going back on their word later, I can allow you to find two more helpers."

Hearing this, Uchiha Fuu also restrained some of his anger.

It seemed that although this guy was very irritating with his words, he was still a very particular person, and he actually thought for them...

What he did not know was that the reason why Haru did this was to pave the way for the future.

Uchiha Fuu, who had a good reputation, naturally would not mobilize a large number of people to go back and call for reinforcements just because Hyuga Tokugawa found the two little guys. Moreover, he was also confident in himself, so Uchiha Fuu snorted and said, "There is no need to go through so much trouble. Even if it is five against seven, you will not be our match!"

When Hyuga Tokugawa and the others heard this, they almost exploded. If not for Haru's timely signal to stop them, they would probably have no plans at this time and directly started fighting.

Being looked down upon, Haru was not angry, or it could be said that he wished that his future enemies would all be this arrogant.

He continued, "Alright, since you guys are so confident, then even if you lose in the end, you won't deny it, right?"

"Of course!"

"Alright, then will the battle be a team battle or a team battle? How will we determine the outcome? There are no limits to the endurance and ability of the user? Which vital points can't be attacked? Will we retaliate out of humiliation afterward?"

Haru's series of questions directly stunned Uchiha Fuu and the others!

'Damn it, I just wanted to fight, why do you still say so much?'

'If we delay for a while longer, it will be dark, and when we go home and can't catch dinner, who will it be?'

Uchiha Fuu directly said impatiently, "Whatever, whatever, you have the final say in everything."

"Alright, then that's it..."

Haru, who had already expected this result, immediately made the rules in detail.

Everyone was confused and confused, so naturally, no one dared to raise any objections.

"Now we can finally start a fight, right?"

Seeing that Haru had finished speaking, Uchiha Fuu hurriedly asked with a relieved look on his face.

However, Haru still had that hateful smile on his face. "Don't worry. The most important thing has not been said yet. What benefits does the winner get? What if he loses?"

"Is winning not enough? Do you still want benefits?"

"What should I do if I lose? If I lose, I will fight back next time!"

Uchiha Fuu said matter-of-factly.

The rest of the people, including Hyuga Tokugawa and the others, all nodded, looking as if they should be.

Haru immediately covered his face. This was indeed playing house!

Chapter end

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