Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 47: Dumbfounded Sunagakure

Chapter 47: Dumbfounded Sunagakure

The news of Haru and Tsunade being attacked almost immediately reached Tobirama's ears.

Tobirama, who usually had a hard time showing any expression, showed a furious expression this time.

As Hashirama less and less showed himself in front of people, the other villages also began to move.

This was undoubtedly a slap to the face of this second-generation Hokage!

"Lord Hokage, the interrogation has ended. These people are spies secretly planted by the Sunagakure. This operation is to sow discord between Iwagakure Village and us and attempt to start a war."

Tobirama picked up the information and carefully examined it. Although these fellows were tough bones, there were times when there was no need for these bastards to personally speak about obtaining information. However, in order to crack the curse seals placed in the heads of these people to seal off the information, it was inevitable that they would become idiots. The information obtained was extremely limited.

However, it was already enough!

Tobirama knew that this was a test. It was a test for both Hashirama and him. It was also a test for the entire Konoha.

Some of them had already begun to forget their fear.

Therefore, Tobirama began to convey the order, "Order all the spies below A-class (referring to confidentiality) hidden in Sunagakure to cooperate with the 'Wandering Ninja Army' to do the most large-scale damage. I want them to know the price of provoking Konoha!"

"Yes, Lord Hokage!"

Before Danzo had established his roots, Tobirama had not only established Anbu but also secretly recruited a group of wandering Ninjas. He even deliberately expelled some of the Konoha Ninjas from Konoha so as to strengthen the combat discipline and discipline of this army.

After all, there were some shady things that even Anbu could not personally deal with.

At this time, it was the turn of the 'Wandering Ninjas'.

Even if everyone knew that this was Konoha's revenge, so what?

What do the good deeds of these wandering Ninjas have to do with Konoha!

Although he was angry because peace was hard to come by, Tobirama did not want to start a war easily, although he also felt that he might have been infected by his idiot big brother's naivety.


A few days later, the originally very calm Sunagakure suddenly became chaotic, and there were sounds of explosions and fierce fighting everywhere.

Although soon, these stray ninjas who appeared out of nowhere left behind a pile of corpses and left in a hurry.

However, it brought a painful loss to Sunagakure. Several granaries were blown up, and several water sources were contaminated with poison.

Needless to say, these were definitely spies hiding in Sunagakure, and they had been covered by the attacks of the strays.

After the battle ended, the second generation Kazekage who created the puppet technique was extremely angry!

Others might not know, but how could he not know that these wandering Ninjas were hired by Konoha in secret?

However, he could not understand why Konoha would suddenly attack them.

Sunagakure had always been plotting against Konoha, and they had been secretly making small moves. Even the last time they tried to test if Senju Hashirama was still alive, but that was a long time ago.

They had also paid the price for that, but what was this time?

Was it a warning? Or had they discovered some clues?

The second-generation Kazekage Shamon could not figure it out. His intuition told him that something he did not understand might have happened.

Thus, he immediately ordered, "Inform the spies that have been planted in Konoha to send back the recent information. No matter it is a big matter or a small matter, any abnormalities must be sent back!"

Konoha's sudden action really made the second-generation Kazekage a little uneasy. If he didn't figure it out, he would probably not be able to sleep peacefully.

After all, Konoha's strength was enough to crush Hidden Sand.

More importantly, the man called the God of Ninja World had not died yet!


In just a few days, the news of the ambush on Hidden Sand was sent back to his country by various spies.

Earth Country, Iwagakure Village.

The second-generation Tsuchikage, whose entire body was wrapped in bandages, looked expressionlessly at the information sent back. He chuckled and then shook his head regretfully.

If it were said that in this matter, Sunagakure, who was kept in the dark, was on the first level and thought that he had seen through Sunagakure's scheme - Konoha was on the second level. The Iwagakure he represented was on the third level above everyone!

Because the plan to attack Senju's family was planned by him.

And those idiots were indeed spies planted in Konoha, but the person who conveyed this mission to them was not Sunagakure, but someone he sent to fake it!

What he gambled was nothing more than for Konoha to be able to react in time and see through the enemy's scheme.

After all, who would have thought that someone would be so bold as to frame him?

However, it was a pity that the children of Senju's family were still alive and well, and Konoha's reaction was not as intense as he had planned.

Otherwise, the one who would cause trouble in the hidden sand this time would not be some 'wandering ninja', but Konoha's elite ninja army!

At that time, he could use Sunagakure to test Konoha and even secretly give Konoha a blow.

It could only be said that it was a pity, a pity.

One had to admit that there were indeed many people in the chaotic era of the Naruto World.

After the succession of the Tsuchikage, not only did they develop the "Dust Escape" that was above the Blood Limit Realm, but it was also a "Wisdom General" who was famous for his conspiracy and politics.

It was also because he had been studying with this kind of teacher that the future Onokiwould become so cunning.

"Onoki, tell me, what will Sunagakure do next?"

After the 27-year-old Onokiwas tested by Sensei, he immediately pondered and said, "I think they must be confused at the moment. They will first find a way to find out the truth of the matter. Once they know the truth of this matter, they will definitely suspect us."

"Then what do you think we should do now?" Mu nodded. ViiSiit nvelb/n(.)c/()m for ltest vels

Onoki smiled and rubbed his big nose, "Of course, we have to find a way to muddy the waters completely. At least we can't let Hidden Sand and Konoha know that we are the ones behind this.... If possible, we can take this opportunity to blame the other two countries."

Mu finally smiled. He was extremely satisfied with his own direct disciple. Whether it was his talent in ninjutsu or his cunning and cunning character, he was very fond of them.

"Since you already have a well-thought-out plan, I will leave the follow-up of this matter to you. Remember, don't get carried away and don't leave any evidence behind."

"Yes, Sensei." Onokisaid respectfully.

Chapter end

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